Rejections that are Harder to Celebrate

I can handle a template rejection. I can handle a mass email. I can handle no response if you say you won't be getting back to me.

Publishers and agents are like bad boyfriends. They’ll tell you they’re going to call, and then they don’t.
— Sushi, the smartest person I know

But it's the ones who say they'll get back to me and don't I really struggle with. And in July, it happened twice. One was my dream publisher. 3-4 months turn around time and they get back to everyone. I'm now headed into month five after three follow up emails, one message to their IG account, and one phone call with no response.

Most publishers I'd let it go. I wrote a great book, and if you don't want it that's fine. But if this one didn't receive my manuscript, I will fly to their home base and hand it to them personally. 

Don't test me.

I've done far crazier things for love. 

The second was a smaller publishing house that asked for my full manuscript. They said their turn around time was 2-3 weeks. I gave them one extra week because the third week fell on 4th of July. Now, here we are, six weeks in, two follow ups, and no response. 

While someone may look like they're killing it, the only reason they maybe going above and beyond is because nothing else is working. I've had a lot of people reach out and say, "You're doing it! You're so close!"

I'm not. I'm trying, but if was climbing a 14er, I'd have 13,500 more feet to go. 


So I bought a fig tree, and I'm planting it to celebrate. I'm counting two rejections for the little publishing house that couldn't, and for the one publishing house I truly hoped to sign with. 

18 rejections and counting.