7 Day Self Love Challenge ; 5 Things I'm Grateful For

First things first, happy birthday to 1/3 of my pack! If you know Travis at all, please send him all the love you can as we celebrate his birthday!

I’m celebrating my 16th book rejection with a week of self love, compliments of my good friend Kirsti Coutlee. She’s also a very talented photographer, and I highly recommend you check her out!

Todays self love has tasked me to pick five things I’m grateful for. What are you grateful for? Share it with me in the comments. I’d love to hear whats making your heart beat today.

  1. Ryder

    Ryder is my ride or die. He is my right hand man. He is the oldest soul I know, and I feel like I’m a semi-old soul. Ryder has done this before thousands of times. He’s here to make sure I make it, and I’m so grateful for every single moment I get with him.

    “God Bless That Dog.”

  2. Travis

    It will come to no surprise to Travis that he comes after Ryder, mostly because we tell each other, “I love you almost as much as Ryder,” which is the thing I love most. I’m not even sure how I put into words how grateful I am. No one has ever loved me as honestly as Travis has. No one has ever understood and accepted my flaws like he has. No one has ever supported me like he has. If Ryder is my right hand man, he is my left, and I need both to feel complete.

  3. Mountains

    I am my truest self when I’m in the mountains with my dog and people I love. Doesn’t matter the season, how the rest of the day went, what else is going on in my life.

    There is no where else my soul feels more settled.

  4. Poetry

    If you have half the emotions I do, you understand how desperately you need an outlet to capture and free as many of those as possible.

  5. Friends

    I just want to take a moment to boast about Kirsti for a second. I have never been a woman who has been great at liking other women. It’s something I’ve really had to work on and grow into, because I know it’s so incredibly important to have strong female relationships. I was lucky if I had one or two in high school at times.

    Kirsti is one of the most beautiful humans I’ve ever met, and I’m so grateful she married one of my childhood friends. She relentlessly supports people, loves you like she’s always known you, and truly is the kind of woman who someone like Eleanor Roosevelt would’ve been proud of.

    She’s one of those magnetized people to begin with, you can’t help but be drawn in by her appearance, as its a reflection of who she is as a person. I have a long list of people I could talk about, but right now I’m grateful for Kirsti helping me slow down and look at life from all its angles.